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gonna love when i halfway into making an animation my brain is like "you gotta psychicpebbles through the thing heheh"
what if i uploaded an animation in the style of the stock art you'd see in kindergarten books
wouldnt it be funny if the hit 2023 indie game made by the indie dev team "euphoric brothers" known as "garten of banban" was instead "garten of damndaniel" that would be funny dont you think?
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dudes a fucking anime villain LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
wg2k 10 months ago

*laughs in Japanese* Oddwin, Oddwin, Oddwin. twitter premium is but pocket change to me... a mere triviality in a life filled with supercars and jet-setting. the fact that you think it's noteworthy speaks volumes. you focus on petty expenses while I debate the merits of adding a fourth Matisse to my collection. you're out here arguing semantics about your label status. why? bc those 'independent' tracks aren't pulli

wg2k 10 months ago

ng in enough for a down payment on a house, let alone sustaining a career? 😫 and as for my time, this is mere recreation.... like feeding ducks at a pond. but in this case, the ducks seem to think they're swans. don't confuse my engagement with you as anything more than casual amusement before my next board meeting. but remember, my reach extends far beyond Twitter, so tread carefully.

burhfart 10 months ago

straight up a fucking copypasta LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

recently read about gaturro (garfield but shitty) statues being vandalized till the goverment decided to give up and its the funniest shit ever
burhfart 10 months ago

k so if you didnt know apparently theres a argetinian comic franchise called "gaturro" made by an author literally NO ONE likes because he traced and stole ideas and shit. one day the author decided to make a gaturro statue but then it was vandalized, then they took 2 trys (now with "anti vandal" technology thats just 4 fences, because "gen z bad" or whatever) but then both were vandalized AGAIN till they replaced-

burhfart 10 months ago

the statue with sonic and shit.

wg2k 10 months ago

you dont mess with the garf

burhfart 10 months ago

but you do mess with the turro

nintendo direct time bitchessssss gonna see if pyoro was correct
burhfart 10 months ago

never mind its tomorrow my ass cant read

HEY LITTLE [Female human living in this hellish planet] DID YOU KnOW THAT ITS [Special barbecue month] WHERE YOU CAN BUY THE [Barbecue] DOLLS FOR FREE???????
burhfart 10 months ago


unity fucked up, glad im planning on using godot as my first major game engine instead :D
burhfart 10 months ago

though this really fucking sucks, only """"""""""""""""""good"""""""""""""""""" reason i see to make this change (royalties if you didnt know) is money and thats it

this shit ran for two seasons and everyone knows it?????????
gotta love it when i draw on the stage on flash cs5 (i KNOW its an older version but ) and the drawings dissapear :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
burhfart 10 months ago

i dont remember this being an issue in flash 8 :)))))

wg2k 10 months ago

flash before adobe ftw

burhfart 10 months ago

i literally only changed because i (thought i) couldnt ctrl click lines, AND I LITERALLY COULD JUST NOT WITH THE FREE TRANSFORMATION TOOL SODFJIORHTOIEROJTERJTOIJEROJ

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