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what about 9 rat
burhfart 10 months ago

damn bruh this site had a post with a fuckton of engagement only for it to die

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wondered if anyone has made a song with the explicit purpose of not working with those "this guy dances perfectly to any song" gifs
wg2k 10 months ago

my printer?

burhfart 10 months ago


cooking up with another animation and my ass thought of deepfaking one of the characters mang
i think coc n rolla should be a song in every surreal animation
the recent animation mp4 is 911 kbs wtf
flash is more awesome than flipnote (just an opinion calm downn) but mang i wish i could replicate that signature dsi speaker audio
todays september cartoon isnt crackness scumbag, well it is, but not a real one
burhfart 10 months ago

its just a canon shitpost

thank you pilotredsun for introducing everyone to this drugtrip of a song
burhfart 10 months ago

wait why does it become kinda good towards the middle?

burhfart 10 months ago

listened to it and you know what it is a song after all

i wonder if the color pen artist for garfield did a garfielf comic since hes just doing whatever

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