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todays september cartoon isnt crackness scumbag, well it is, but not a real one
burhfart 10 months ago

its just a canon shitpost

thank you pilotredsun for introducing everyone to this drugtrip of a song
burhfart 10 months ago

wait why does it become kinda good towards the middle?

burhfart 10 months ago

listened to it and you know what it is a song after all

i wonder if the color pen artist for garfield did a garfielf comic since hes just doing whatever
installed this random glass break sound effect recently, idk
you know what? fuck this! *types noclip and gets out of here*
i just do flash animations mostly to see (or hear whatever) how audio sounds terribly compressed (that and practice)
undertale shares the same release date as scribblenauts????????
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just found out skibidi toilet has a fucking wikipedia page LMFAO
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cool-ant-studios 10 months ago

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHY DID THEY HAVE TO GO THIS FAR (i'm the only person who hates skibidi toilet and wishes death on the camera men)

burhfart 10 months ago

the extreme popularity of skibidi toilet wheres its basically on news source and having bootleg plushies and shit is so fucking funny mang, all for a well done shitpost lmfaooooooooooooooooooo

burhfart 10 months ago

sources* my ass CANT SPELL

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