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Hey y'all! How did you learn how to build your website?
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grlrot 3 weeks ago

Mostly by looking stuff up on !!

moonpr1sm 3 weeks ago

^^^ w3schools and treehouse, and just searching stuff up until I found solutions for things! originally, i learned a little bit during the myspace days, then tumblr, but it's been so long I am basically a total beginner

bluemoth 3 weeks ago

Thank you!! I'll check those both out~

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I can finally post in the feed! Thank you to those who have interacted with me--I've been unable to respond save for a like because I'm brand new 😭 I hope to keep building my website soon but I've been so busy this past week. Hello and thanks for the warm welcome~
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blue moth was updated.
1 month ago
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moonpr1sm 1 month ago

I love your site theme! Pompompurin is so cute ^_^

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