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Hey Kyle! Have you guys thought about building little server-side modules that we could use on our Neocities pages in lieu of full access to server side tech? Like a guestbook or mini forum, things like that?
kyledrake 1 year ago

It would all require server-side APIs. I've been pretty strict about not implementing APIs for sites, because it's always been my view that these will change in the future, causing sites to break. If you look at older sites, it's always guestbooks and forums that are the things broken on the site. I want sites to work for a long time. That said, you can always use 3rd party sources for these things if you want.

Question for anyone listening on this frequency... Would you consider this feed to be the Neocities equivalent of a Twitter or FB feed? I've often lamented the lack of any kind of dynamic content that might help Neocities' users ditch social media. But maybe this "feed" is meant to be that. Thoughts?
headache-booth 1 year ago

i'd say it's closer to the way facebook works maybe?

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