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i've been tryiing to wait til everything is redone before shutting down and moving in but at this pace i might not finish til august...
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lost internet for a good while. it was cold. dark. not a single line of code to be seen
arrothame 10 months ago

so basically im backed up on the rehaul. fun times right

[limping out of room covered in ominous black goo] the revamp process is going great
arrothame 11 months ago

i have become way more rusty than i thought i have. it is WAR but i got my new splash and home page all done. never attempting a paralell background again in my life

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im free... finished my finals.. passed my classes!! IM FREE!!!!
expnem 11 months ago

congrats!!! :D

arrothame 11 months ago

thank you thank you!

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woah woah woah woah i come back midway thru finals rush to see i broke 10k views... I AM HONORED....
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arrothame 1 year ago

just a lil music update, that's all...

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