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Ok, im back and i wanna keep working on this website. unfortunately now i have 0 ideas ..
If anyone wondered where ive been, im restocking my shop right now while working on my webcomic so I dont have a lot of room for coding rn! But I should be active around new years again =)
your website is soooo cute ^o^
niconiconova 1 year ago

thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3 yours too!!!

how did I manage to delete style.css last night at 1 am and not notice
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there might be some bugs with the draggable divs & links appearing weird but I'll probably end up fixing that on another day ha
:/ I can't figure out why my javascript breaks when i move the code from brackets to neocities
hi2k 1 year ago

NVM, i got it, lol

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