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That's my blog system up. Still need a better way of storing articles...
dann 9 months ago

Without server side scripting, the json approach is probably the best we can hope for. On my articles, I create new HTML files for each one, but then have a table of contents JS file that handles the menu navigation both on my front page for highlights, and for the main blog listings. However they're more articles vs small blogs, so it wouldn't make sense to keep them all encoded in arrays.

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acbob 9 months ago

Ah, still doesn't mean i couldn't improve the client-side javascript. ~1/2-1 second is pretty unsatisfactory, even if it's un-noticable.

I love your site, it 100% feels like an old 90's angst website. Perfect content for neocities!
dann 10 months ago

Thanks! My genuine geocities site back in the day was much cringier, but I'm trying to have fun with it this round.

acbob 10 months ago

Ahh. It works very well, though!


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