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Just to let everyone one know. Im taking a small break from neocities so yeh :)
Hello gipsi! Thank you for following me on neocities. You are my 26th follower! We both share the same interest of coding :)
Hello Wastebin and thank you for following Webshark on neocities! You are my 24th follower. I hope you enjoyed your experience of my website
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Thank you wastebin for following sicklycarpet. As they are offline due to a project that requires the entire spaces of their desk.
Thank you for following sicklycarpet! He is currently unable to answer because he is working on a project of mediocre importance
sicklycarpet 9 months ago

A juicy big Thankyou webshark. things are chaotic right now, so i find myself in neocities while other things happen on and offline.

Nah, that wasn't my twitter account, just a cute tweet a I sent to Gwta! I'm also not a girl, so, definitely not me.
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Its my birthday today! yay!
floppyjay 9 months ago

Have an enjoyable celebration of the aniversery of popping out of that womb!

sicklycarpet 9 months ago

Happy birthday Webshark! make sure your cake is not satanic like that flashing pizza!

beetletee 9 months ago

happy belated birthday! i hope it was a good one!

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