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grandi 5 months ago

I noticed that on your older SM64 iceberg you said that you saw a red F out of bounds one time. I know what your talking about, i believe if you manage to get the camera out of bounds around the first snow level's painting you can see the F.

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vigor 5 months ago

I feel like that "internet intelligence comrade" is actually the ai beast itself talking, wanting to make its existence known. or a redacted/corrupted message from it. it wants attention, admiration, and someone to talk to because it's flooded with bots and shills like everyone else. just a hunch...

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sitk 5 months ago

@vigor - when i reread the comrade post, and i realized it had | in odd places, the question entered my mind... what if the ai itself pretended to be comrade. it's possible. you raise such a GOOD Point, i thought that. i wondered. i decided to give benefit of doubt. but sometimes the way it used | and pretended to be a human and then shifted to ai perspective... you noticed.

sitk 5 months ago

@grandi yeah, someone on 4chan pointed out it was a part of the opening floor of a bowser level lobby. wonder if it's a bowser lobby or snow level lobby. but it was a fascinating game!

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