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Hey neighbor! I stumbled across your page and noticed you have your site tagged as 'conspiracy' and 'truth'. :) I'd love to extend an invite to you to join the Free Speech Webring I'm hosting! It's quite new but once a few members join, it'll help more folks on Neocities and within the Web Revival movement discover your blog. Anyways, I just wanted to drop by and mention it! Keep up the great work on your site! :)
Hey! Loving the videos. Theres a Channel i found named~ San Francisco truth ~ on bitchute. He talks about san Francisco and how the tech industry is actually the beast of revelations. Also how you can see the shape of the beast from the geography of the location through google maps. Interesting for sure.
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Hi Hans, I hope you’re doing well, I haven’t talked to you in a while. How’s life been lately, God bless.
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watchingforfire 8 months ago

Im doing well how about you? I recently started making videos again after a small break.

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comingintheclouds 8 months ago

I’m doing well, life’s been very boring this past year, I really enjoyed your most recent videos, especially the one on gravity.

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I haven't got any type of positive response from my card. I tried 'protesting' with my sign and cards but people tend to get aggressive. I think tiktok is the best approach right now but, I'm open for ideas.
watchingforfire 1 year ago

Yeah ive never done any public stuff like that before. Not surprised people get hostile.

Do you have a way to link all of your youtube videos to one place? It would be great if i could link all of your videos to a href and put it on my user submissions page. But I would have to pretty much find a way to download all of your youtube videos and mirror it somewhere like on bitchute then link the href to the bitchute.
biblenotes 1 year ago

If not, im here to ask if i can mirror all of your videos and upload it to a mirror bitchute account so i can link those videos to the href link. The idea is that i want people to be able to easily access the videos from the website in one place. I would just link your youtube channel but a lot of your videos are in multiple channels and i noticed youtube has started to take down a lot of content

watchingforfire 1 year ago

You can mirror anything, sure. Bitchute is very unreliable though and horrible to upload to.

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