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I haven't got any type of positive response from my card. I tried 'protesting' with my sign and cards but people tend to get aggressive. I think tiktok is the best approach right now but, I'm open for ideas.
watchingforfire 3 months ago

Yeah ive never done any public stuff like that before. Not surprised people get hostile.

Do you have a way to link all of your youtube videos to one place? It would be great if i could link all of your videos to a href and put it on my user submissions page. But I would have to pretty much find a way to download all of your youtube videos and mirror it somewhere like on bitchute then link the href to the bitchute.
biblenotes 6 months ago

If not, im here to ask if i can mirror all of your videos and upload it to a mirror bitchute account so i can link those videos to the href link. The idea is that i want people to be able to easily access the videos from the website in one place. I would just link your youtube channel but a lot of your videos are in multiple channels and i noticed youtube has started to take down a lot of content

watchingforfire 6 months ago

You can mirror anything, sure. Bitchute is very unreliable though and horrible to upload to.

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Hi, I hope you’re doing well! Can you believe we’re nearing the end of 2021 already? Time has been going so fast, God bless.
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watchingforfire 7 months ago

Honestly it feels like nov should just be starting

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