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New entries within the news board! Perhaps some changes to the realm to be... Outside of being digital? - ★Neutral
thanks so much for your comment. may you live a blessed life as well. can i ask what made you post something so beautiful? that was so nice.
shadowlight-realms 1 year ago

It's just inherent within human beings. I intend to believe that for everything. That's all :D

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So, I'll also post when a news update happens here. That way, it can be easy access! - ★Neutral
We're in the Shadow-Light Era now! Amazing! Decided to move my journal entry into this site, so I'm excited to see what comes out of it! - ★Neutral
Looks like the terminal will slowly be entering out of full-width text soon. Perhaps something more is coming up?
It’s been a few weeks but the WEBIRC issue has been fixed. // Cyberman Sigma.
SHADOW IRC NETWORK [PARTIALLY UP]!! While issues with WEBIRC haven’t been fixed yet, [FURTHER] datastream logging has been [ENABLED]. 「The Matrix」 will warn you in advance. SAYONARA FOR NOW!! ・・・ 「TERMINAL LORD」 CYBERMAN SIGMA
The Lounge will not be operable until the IP Adress issues are fixed.

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