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Consistent Update to 【Level 2】 - #1. - Added a speed sign. High chance of redesigns upcoming.
Consistent Update to 【Level 1】 - #1. - Updated News. New news entry. News backlog created.
Consistent Update to 【Level 3】 - #1.
Tiniest of updates. - ★Neutral 【Level 3】 is more explorable now.
Looks like we got another news entry here! How do you feel during the evolution of our lovely planet, and ourselves, really? - ★Neutral
Another news entry! Bless you all! - ★Neutral
Daily news entry! Bless you all! - ★Neutral
Another entry in the news board! Hope you all enjoy the entry! - ★Neutral
Best blessings to you all! Another update on the news board! This time I actually got a super nice one as well, although all of em are nice! It's on hyper-emotionality, and if it's something that wants to help you in your life, go for it! Good luck everyone! - ★Neutral
New entries within the news board! Alongside this, it's getting better and more natural to just... Share everything! - ★Neutral

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