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I resurrected my pc after two days of the thing telling me there was no operative system in it... everything untouched... wow... may update this shithole soon when I get time to think what to post + have more spare time where I'm willing to turn the pc on
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made a second website for other kind of bands: / doesn't have much & is drastically different from this one
this site is very dead and i'll try to do something pretty soon but I'm just drowned with stuff and opening my pc is not an appealing thing to me nowadays tbh
may update later if everything goes right!!!!!
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i'm not particularly sure when will I have enough time to do it but when I'm mostly done with the bands I currently have on here I'll make a second website that will be sort of co-joined with this one (and follow the same format but different design) that will focus on other genres, so that I don't have everything together, and maybe when I finish it (since it won't be as big as this one) i'll add more bands here.
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