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Hey! Our website actually looks cool now, so we can actually start adding stuff to it. We actually just kind of...gave up for now, gave credits for the layout to its creator and that's linked in the footer. X_X;;
Finally logged into this after...MONTHS, and wondering if part of our problem is we were trying to make this on our phone. Anyways...maybe we will hop onto our laptop tomorrow and see if we can do anything specific with this bare-bones site of ours, lol.
We...uh...genuinely do not know how to code. XD We're trying, but whenever we look at the screen we think we get all anxious because we're new to this, and then see all of the cool-looking webpages, and then get worried. Anyways! We'll probably work on consolidating the stuff we think is cool into our link dump and then figure our what to do after that sksksk.
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owlroost 1 year ago

Hey- if you guys need help, we're happy to help you out or direct you to resources. Everyone starts somewhere!

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owlroost 1 year ago

Also, if you guys haven't looked at HTMLDog yet, that's what got us starting to understand things better!

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Oh hey, it's you guys! Good to see you here.
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