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new blog poooost and a new song of the day. i've been crazy about it. hope somebody will enjoy my nonsenical rambling. also hoping somebody can help me fix my caps lock key.
incessantpain 3 weeks ago

Interesting entry! Seems really reminiscent of Bokura no Hentai. Not particularly "fun" to read but I thought it was reasonably well done.

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change of plans, i'll probably post that blog tomorrow instead. some things came up and i'm not feeling well at all.
Planning to make a new page today about a manga I’ve read called “wandering son”. I have a lot to say about this topic -w- I hope some may find it interesting. Also trying to figure out a new song of the day, I’ve been enjoying quite a few lately! I’ll also probably speak about “chainsaw man” “dorohedoro” and maybe “petscop”
Accidentally messed up the link to the 2/4/19 journal,fixed it rn
Happy birthday! If you'd like an ear to talk to, I'm always here. Sometimes venting can be really helpful in collecting your thoughts.
permaddress 1 month ago

thanks incessant !! same here!!!

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