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can i use some of these they are really cool and i could put them to good use. especially for my 2,000 views update.
pretty cool i played with the app you connected too 10/10
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Please Rate my site out of 10 and I Will Do The Same for you In My New Shout Out Page
Ok Kinda Funny Whare You Said It Was Your Garbge Dump. I Needed That Laugh
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eatyourburger 3 years ago

It IS a garbage dump. There's not a subject, just my creations both written and drawn.

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muzic-4-u 3 years ago

still funny

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Nice And Great Animation And Backgrounds. Didn't Look At Much But Looking At The Homepage Alone I Can Say You Are Really Skilled. Will Probably Come Back Later But Ill Follow Anyway.
38cautionzone 3 years ago

Thanks buddy

muzic-4-u 3 years ago

i Added a new page that features you and all of my other new followers. go check it out and tell me what you think.

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muzic-4-u 3 years ago

also could you feature me on your website. i know im not much but i would like it.

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Amazing Animation. Great Job. Tho You Should Probably Add A Warning At The Top Of The Page About The Flashing Lights. But Overall 10/10.
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dann 3 years ago

Appreciate it

muzic-4-u 3 years ago

i posted a page featuring you and my other new followers go check it out and tell me what you think

Amazing I Love It. Black And Red Go Great Together So Good Job. Also Nice Comment Box.
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byvento 3 years ago

Thanks! I really liked your website too. By the way, I replied your comment about the comment box.

muzic-4-u 3 years ago

ok and i also asked a few questions for the page featuring you if your still up for it. its whare you asked it.

muzic-4-u 3 years ago

And Could you teach me how to make the comment box. i wanna add a community forum to my website.

Also Could You Maybe Preview My Website On Your Silver Lake Page. Im New With 0 Followers And Just Got 1,500 Views. My Website Is . Also I Don't Know If The Art At The Top Is Yours But If It Is I Love It. If It Isn't I Still Love It
muzic-4-u 3 years ago

hey i now have 4 followers and 3,405 views. but can i be displayed on your silver lake page.

I Love How Natural This Looks. And With All The Links And Pages. Awesome Job.

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