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super cool page! yume nikki is a great game and im almost "finished" with it :)
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sasaja 11 months ago

heyy thank you! :D

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kazuhisa 11 months ago

being a hacker doesn't have to be a phase :^) you can be one today if you want, cybersecurity is only gonna get worse as the years go on. if you wanna be a programmer, computer scientist, etc - you can totally start today if you want. you definitely are capable, especially since you already know how to teach yourself things. this about page definitely feels more "kanna" like, it's cool

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So, looking at the site, I realized it kind of looks like an old video game forum.
zanarkand 11 months ago

looks cool af. Really liking how it looks !

kazuhisa 11 months ago

the interworkings of kanna's mind

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