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thanks for your help and also for the really cool omori boxes!! hope you're doing well n staying safe !!
lilithdev 6 days ago

of couse, thank you and i hope the same for you!

hii!! i love your site i hope you're doing well :3
hiiii :3
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hoooooof updated a lot tonight-- added a Leonard Cohen shrine page, neighbors list for mutuals, and updated my home page w omori things (thanks lilith!)
lilithdev 1 week ago

you're welcome! it made me realize it still had some issues but i fixed them now!

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lilithdev 1 week ago

also images can be scaled only by width, the height will adjust to fit aspect ratio if left unspecified

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hi friends!! sometime this week i wanna start up a neighbors/neofriends page and maybe refresh (or entirely redo? much to think about) my page-- if you have any tips for how to add in-site music players or scrolling button marquees pls lmk xoxo
granolaria 1 week ago

also can someone fill me in on exactly what a shrine is? they seem nice

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