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Why do all the games have the description for urbanix?
wiishopchannel 9 months ago

I never bothered to make descriptions for every game. I might just remove the More Details button.

how do i set effects as the background?
kallistero 9 months ago

It looks like what's happening with your page is that you're using the script loader from the Effects Maker but mixing that with the code used with the actual script! It should work if you replace "kallistero_script_loader.js" with "wireframe_gridlines.js"

elite784 9 months ago

i figured it out, had to set the page as a div element for the background to work

catbyte 9 months ago

!!! thank you so much! i found your site really neat ^^

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catbyte 9 months ago

i'll also be creating a button soon so if you'd like to use that once it's done instead of just a link you can!! :D

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