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Forums or chatrooms? Which do you prefer?
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anthonynaber 5 years ago

I would vote but I'm on a chrome-book and it's blocked for me.

clyphe 5 years ago

is it one of those school issued chromebooks going around now? do they have local site blocking, or is it the school wifi thats blocking it?

clyphe 5 years ago

Also: Yeah Im thinking about either making a 'Neocities creators' discord channel or forum, it just depends on what people prefer and if anyone would even use them

clyphe 5 years ago

Would you use both for one community or are you just saying you dont mind either wa

How do you have a custom domain if you aren't a supporter?
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clyphe 5 years ago


clyphe 5 years ago

Nah, I bought the domain on GoDaddy. Geocities let's your link the domain to your site. And even if they didn't, domain sites like GoDaddy allow you to forward to sites, with masking (which changes the clyphe.neocities to clyphe., In your browser)

Clyphe was updated.
5 years ago

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