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Do you guys have any tips on html or websites in general?
arkmsworld 4 years ago

Only one, and it really applies more in the outside webworld than here. Take all the craptastic modern website standards and "best practices" and light them on fire. A website is your own personal artistic expression.

project2 4 years ago

make your website look cool but don't make it look like a bootstrap template

websitering 4 years ago

I like hierachial organization schemes, but they can be hard to come up with. Also, if you ever change your orgainzation scheme, you risk breaking incomming links. It's best to organise everything alphabeticaly, or by update. You can add topical indexes, but you shouldn't actually organize things by topic. Of course, my site isn't organized well at all, and I probably ruin incomming links at the start of every month.

websitering 4 years ago

Try to make sure the site still functions with jscript, images, css, etc. turned off. Try to keep pages small and easy to ooad. No one thinks of that anymore; they just blame ISPs for providing slow service. Functionality hasn't changed much sine 2000, when the average page size was 50k; you don't need 3MB. Also, use "/" in web addresses, not "\"

websitering 4 years ago

Of course, it's your site; these are only suggestions. :)

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