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Man! I sure do hate it when i play the Under of the Tales and the ending tells me to kill every white person on earth! 😂😂😂 #relatable
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bring your own class is so goated
fuck kinda breakcore demon possessed clascy jitto and sauceman when they were making the noise update tracks and why do i kinda want it
remeber that lost media "Salto's World" cartoon... the one bout the lost 5th plumber from nint endo.... bro i fell old
burhfart 4 weeks ago

oh wow chromes shitass bilinear did a number on this huh

burhfart 4 weeks ago

bee tee double you its pronounced "S-ah-l-to"

happy new year 1999
animating an aqua teen hunger force clip
you mean the best shade of yellow is fucking orange 💔💔
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burhfart 1 month ago

it even got an older version

burhfart 1 month ago

didnt like the high pitch so heres a newer one

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