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i swore i followed you... hmm
burhfart 5 days ago

must be a pibby glitch....

hey wait rhythm heaven is fun actually
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hate it when an app chugging so much it just eats the fucking taskbar n shits
played some rhythm heaven, was really fun
burhfart 6 days ago

hate that yap one

burhfart 1 week ago

i resorted the playlist again.... fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk

testinng melon ds
burhfart 1 week ago

why the fuck didnt they put a orbulon game on touched, what did he do

burhfart 1 week ago

tis a small price for peak character i guess

hey remember when i said that i should try fake cel animation but in my (semi) way? yeah i kinda did
burhfart 1 week ago

honestly really proud of this one

god... if youre hearing this... please... put drastic for pc..... god... thank you....
burhfart 1 week ago

and maybe stick nodes too..... please...

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