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beyourtruemind 2 months ago

Main purpose of this update was to test how quickly my image-heavy pages load. Looks like I'll have to downscale some of my thumbnails further, but I'm pretty happy that I managed to increase my remaining storage from about 30% to 50%.

beyourtruemind 2 months ago

Proper pages about Persona 1's development and characters coming shortly. On the backburner is a Megaten interviews page where I consolidate developer interviews for the series all in one place.

beyourtruemind 12 months ago

Converted all the thumbnails to jpgs so images should (hopefully) load faster. Saves space on my end too. Added scroll to next section/top functions on the Extra Media and Gallery pages and spruced up my Link page. Also added the ability to change site themes, though for now it's just changing the main site colour and the image on the homepage.

beyourtruemind 1 year ago

Gallery expanded with Persona concept art and manga illustrations. Added thumbnails and hid the images on load so hopefully the page ends up loading quickly. I'll fill in the remainder of the Persona 25th anniversary images later, it's not a priority.

beyourtruemind 1 year ago

The 'Extra' page showcases Persona 1's supplementary media, such as its manga adaption, official novelisation, game guides, and more. Due to the few translation/scanlation projects that exist, few are in English. Even fewer have been scanned and put up online at all.

beyourtruemind 1 year ago

If my remaining storage space allows, I'd like to host the untranslated raws on this site, in case the blogs/sites of the original scanners ever go down. But I'm already at 50% capacity, so I may have to use Mega or rely on the Wayback Machine in the end.

After some searching on where the images in this link ( came from, I finally found it! They were created to commemorate Persona's 20th anniversary and were exhibited in the 3331 Arts Chiyoda Museum (!
beyourtruemind 1 year ago

It's also unfortunate that I can't get them in a higher quality, but at least I know their source. No wonder I couldn't find anything about them on SauceNao or TinEye, they were never posted online in the first place!

beyourtruemind 1 year ago

After finding this ( I'm starting to think SauceNao isn't particularly good at sourcing non-Pixiv art. It's hard to find these kinds of things because: 1. Often the artists don't tag their work and 2. Pieces made for a specific event in 2016 and for a popular series oft get overlooked after the event is over, and drowned out by 5 years' worth of fanart.

So after about half a year of forgetting I even made this site, I'm getting back around to updating it. For now, with the Gallery and Links pages mostly complete, it mainly serves as a directory for Persona 1 and general megaten info. Soon I'll get to writing the other pages and figuring out how to structure the whole thing.

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