haiii !!!!!

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hi your site is so so cool!!!!!!!!! :D
i LOVE your site !!!!!!!!!!! :3
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love your site!!!!!! :DDD
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ive been thinking about how i can make my site more accessible recently (mostly to do with screenreaders, i downloaded a browser extension specifically to test my site and found it doesnt work so great) and i just saw someone else say theyre making a more accessible version of their site and i. thats such a good idea. i should do that
1dkreally 2 weeks ago

ive been having a moral dilemma recently of do i make my site more accessible to those who use screen readers vs how can i keep my site looking the way i want it to (i.e. the way it looks now). im probably gonna do that at some point because thats literally solved my problem

1dkreally 2 weeks ago

just realised i probably didnt explain this right. i meant like a separate, more accessible version of the site

hi i rlly like your site!!! i read your blog, i hope things get better for you :(
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batzmario 2 weeks ago

thanx! i like urs 2! hopefully it will :(

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hey guys whats an acceptable amount of webrings to join. i wanna join lots of em not for clout, but to share a space w people who share interests (wiiring, vocaloid webring) or are like me (autiring)

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