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Saw your message about html help cross my feed, thought I'd pass along some good resources that might help. goes from the ground up and even talks about file organization. is one of my favorites to send folks who are just learning. is how I learned!
owlroost 2 weeks ago

I do also have a ton of more specific resources on my links page (under the htmlcss and webdev tags) if you need anything more specific.

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icecreampizzer 2 weeks ago

Seconding these resources!! These could help you a bunch :D

starkweather 1 week ago

THANK YOU SO MUCH DAWG!!!!!!!!!i hope youre having a good da

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hi gene it's sawyer. are you possibly available anytime soon to discuss html help because i want to get somewhere with this site but STILL suck so bad at it...totally understand if you can't, i know you have a lot on your hands Actually working on your projects and all
icecreampizzer 2 weeks ago

Hello hi hi sawyer! Yeah I'd love to but I'll be very busy this week and the next with school stuff <:) but yeah feel free to reach out on my discord (same username) and I'll try to help out when I'm free!

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