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is img dan7_7 missing? goes from 6 to 8. also 9 is missing.
watchingforfire 4 months ago

I was naming thise files in a rush with people in the room and apparently skipped two numbers. Nothing is missing.

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okay so that was the wave of cosmetic updates and easier to work with code for some major departments of my site. hopefully it'll look appealing enough so people figure it's easy to make pages on their own, real fast. also fixed some links.
Serious!! just found out the internet box's eeevil radiations are, no joke, making me SICK. i plugged it back in, and i feel the waves in my head, it's awful. so less internet for me. i'm only going to have that thing plugged in for under 2h. TWO HOURS TOPS. less internet. but i can work on my stuff offline. bye.
sitk 4 months ago

someone posted cool thoughts, so i thought i'd fix up this messy directory, fixed links and tags, gonna add more stuff to pokemon first page

sitk 4 months ago

i'll gradually recover and post older texts and images as i find them. will be a slow-growing task.

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