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Unloaded another big as hell collection of old websites from the Old Hyperlinks and stuff. See you tomorrow.
After hours of trying to align with the search box, the products table is now here!
It's been 6 months since Goioe! existed.
Actually, i'm removing the green text since the site is now based on Google from 2001 - 2005, and it was discontinued as early as 2002.
Also might a "I'm Feeling Lucky" button soon when i can find code to do that.
I must admit, the logo (kinda) looks stretched too.
The site has been edited to look like a Jan 3, 2007 snapshot of the Google home page. Will work on adding the sections for our sites and centering the green text soon.
Hey, another update in a while! Thanks for the 2000 views! Never thought we would get so far! I'm gonna start updating this site more often. Toodles! -- Nosutarujid┼Ź

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