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ur page is excellent! i love your drawings!
miou2192 4 months ago

thanks so much!! :-D

I love your website vashti it's very inspirational. I think we are alike in many ways
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vashti 4 months ago

Thank you very much (o´▽`o) I like your URL. I've been using scallions a lot in my cooking lately.

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really love the look of this, excited to see where you and the squid in the upperright take it
scallion 4 months ago

Thank youuu! your website is so cool.

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thanks for the follow i loveeeeee betsy by big thief !!!!!!!!! also the 100 gecs picture is sooo cool
scallion 4 months ago

Thank u i drew it!! I love how your website looks!!

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excellent website!! holy shit!!
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myrrh 4 months ago

omg ty ! i like ur pictures and scalions !

ur website is incredible bro. i tdint know u could do this god damn
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freaksaint 4 months ago

this is so sweet aaa sorry for the late reply!

soo awesome hello
ecosystem 4 months ago

Thank you <3333

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