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Hey, I'm on the lookout for an IBM5100, and you seem like the kind of person to know something about such a thing. Could you point me in the right direction?
sfs-initiative 4 years ago

Finding a 5100 is a bit difficult due to their moderate rarity and high demand, but you have a few options: using eBay is the easiest (but probably the most expensive), but you could also try (depending on where you live and how long you can wait) going to one of VCF's shows [ ] or to Kenmer's Surplus (if you're near Pennsylvania), they're where I got most of Project Firestarter's computers.

owltech 4 years ago

Im an uk based collector so the shows dont really help me, but thank ya tho

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mariteaux 4 years ago

I just realized your button has "initiative" misspelled and now I want a refund.

owltech 4 years ago

Damn, thanks for pointing that out. I'll have the corrected version out this weekend, or maybe even today

the drawing on the main page gives me heavy Gravity Falls vibes
looks interesting as of yet, nice colour scheme. What is this going to be about?
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sicklycarpet 4 years ago

i don't actually know, but i suspect it is about computer art and buzzing pixels...

sicklycarpet 4 years ago

and possibly comic/cartoon art too.

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