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HI HI OMG SORRY I GAVE U THE WRONG THING!!!!! Yes the moving title of my site is Javascript!!! Yoiu can totally use and share the code, I got it from a really old public coding forum so feel free!!!! :3 If you need me to send you the code lmk!!!!
I still can't find that scrolling text thing you're talking about :V I'm probably being blind to it (sorry! ;s) If you wanna send it my way I'd be super duper grateful!! :DDD
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burgercities 6 days ago

OMG I'm so sorry u couldn't find it!!!! That page is kinda hard to look through I might recode it soon.....the website is !!!!!!!! :3

katieplanet 6 days ago

Ohhh I think you're getting confused on what I'm asking for! I meant finding out how you make the moving text on your website's tag that says "BURGERCITIES!!!" its super rad and I've never seen that before! I've only ever seen static website titles, so seeing an animated one is really interesting! Looking at your page's HTML, I believe its javascript, right? Could I have permission to use/share the code? :)

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1 week ago
Thank y'all for 25k visits!! Come visit for a special party themed homepage! Leave a message in the guest book and come celebrate with me! :D was updated.
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1 month ago
Do you have a button of sorts so people can link back to your site without using text? Like some people have these buttons on their site and its like a small rectangular image so people can link back to their sites without using text that will take up more space than a simple button image, Also buttons look cool, that too.
katieplanet 1 month ago

I am in the process of making a button, I'm hoping to have it ready for my 25k celebration! As you can see from the terrible "planet" background on my site, my tablet is currently packed away from my move - I'll get it out and make one sometime really soon and lyk!! tysm for the interest!! :D

katieplanet 1 month ago

oh, ps! I am working on the web garden this week, so hopefully I'll have a cute spot to share sites on my site too - I know I've been missing out on the fun!!

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