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have added pages for cool n helpful resources and fun n awesome games... also added a place for me to share my various collections but its rlly barebones rn LOL
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BRO UR SITE IS EVERYTHING omg....your fursuit rocks btw. also my fav Machine Girl track right now either Krystal or Cloud Nine
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internetwerewolf 6 days ago

ERMAGAHD THANK U!! based machine girl picks hell yeah! im glad u like my fursuit yay im actually working on refurbishing it rn im hoping i can make it rock even more lolol

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srry for the lack of Cool Things being added there will be some real soon!! i have been working on other websites more recently (one just for my art things and another for my webcomic im going to make) but i would like to start taking care of this one more regularly again hehe
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federiefederi 5 months ago

Hi, please consider supporting our neocities community project by giving us a follow... it would help a lot! thank you ❤

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GUYS... i updated the photo of the whenever i change it... CRAZY!!!!
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