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Hey, your website looks cool but I'm afraid to click it!
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stumbled upon your site and it seems really cool tbh
diodetapestry 1 year ago

Hey, thanks!

I love your website! You seem to be a good 'finder'. Your links page has some interesting links that I will definitely be frequenting soon. I have things to say about your paintings (good things) but i dont just wanna say 'cool' or use 'interesting' again but I wanted to go ahead and leave this message anyway. Cool site! Can't wait to see what else u post!!
diodetapestry 1 year ago

Hey, thanks! I never get anywhere good by searching the web, everything I discover just comes from links on people's pages so I wanna make sure and link all the good stuff I know about. Came across this site the other day, it has the best link section around: Anyway, I checked out your site. I dig the crazy cellphone designs, if only tech companies had the cojones to make stuff like that

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