This is pretty sweet!

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jeremyredhead 8 years ago

So I guess you left the network neighborhood? Well, I'll still be looking forward to your VG reviews, regardless. :)

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Q&A Page has been updated!
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I'm looking forward to some more reviews! Out of curiosity, what types of games are you going to review? Any chance browser-based games might be in that mix? Thanks! :D (Also, I really like that space background of yours. I think I might use it on my own site :)
candyshark 8 years ago

Thank you! If you do use it please do credit me. I've been thinking of reviewing various indie games on steam as well as nintendo games. I will start considering browser based games as I'm getting more interested in a few, I will add questions like these to the Q&A in a little bit.

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Updated candyshark.neocities !

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