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replayed deltarune chapter 2 yesterday and so far my favorite line was "just looking at cartoon criticism is sapping your energy rapidly"
made a "greek statues" comic and instantly thought of putting the berdly statue in the comic.
i just watched the new saltydkdan video why does kirbys 20th anniversary game mention obama?????????????????????????????????????
*comes back from the dead* yo what if nintendo "klonoified" up the ending of the new mario game and then banish mario to the shadow realm after he gets cheated on by the flower prince
butters in hello kitty what
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ok so my right click hasnt been for working for quite a while and i found out that the menu button on my keyboard is actually a right click
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some guy: haha mario does drugs and gets high!!1!!!1!!1 miyamoto: *smug and devious look* some guy:uhhh what miyamoto:i have an idea.....
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ima pirate beyond the spiderverse on 123movie as punishment for sony becoming blizzard
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burhfart 11 months ago

problem is is that theres so many of these sites

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