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people saying that the barbie movie has hideo kojima type shit is way more funnier than oppenheimer and barbie releasing on the same day
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burhfart 11 months ago

"man this shit was so surreal... the topics and politic in it.... kinda left me depressed" and its just a movie that looks like the most colorful sht you ever seen.

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burhfart 11 months ago

minor spelling mistakes

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toby fox is the type of guy to have his characters favorite song be "amen break sample #17" and its always funny
x is an actual shit name for a social media lmfao
burhfart 11 months ago

the day i see shit like "follow me on x" the day i will kms

burhfart 11 months ago

oh and calling it an """""""""""""""""X""""""""""""""""" is way more fucking stupid than tweet

burhfart 11 months ago

like call it post

the ben shapiro barbie review sucks and i only watched like 5% of it
burhfart 11 months ago

ENGH!!!! my producers DRAGGED me to see the BARBIE movie!!!!!!!! AND IT SUCKS!!!! because it had GIRL THINGS IN IT!!!!! EW COOTIE!!!! like come on mang admit you wanted to see it

every time i see this oppenheimer poster i just think about that tweet that said that this looks like a poster for an r rated inspector gadget movie note to self: i dont want to live
ever thought about how open season and spideverse are made by the same team
you know mang..... i find it kinda shady bots became more of a problem on twitter ever since elon bought it.

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