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Guys, whoever's gonna view my website expecting dark-mode aesthetics, I am sorry for your eyes. My website will be in light-mode with no css scripts for at least 2 weeks(or more, if I get busy with school and/or if I don't get any ideas). The renovation will take some time. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. - - Edit: It's back to dark mode.
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It's high time that I renovate my site.
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i don't know what to do with my website... any ideas... u know what, i am just lazy ;-; i need to think something.
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Backtrack and recall things you already have done, and that you remember quite well. That is what I have done for a lot of my anime and manga reviews, while, the longer, more spoiler-laden ones are more recent, but this can be applied to just about everything.

blockman-g 4 weeks ago

oh sure i will give it a try!

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