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zoxie 1 day ago

This is one of the funniest fucking things ive seen in my entire life dear god what is wrong with my humour

I ADORE THIS SITE SO MUCH my goodness. the update thingie and the scrolling background is so cool the sounds are so cute!!! also the index is gorgeous!!!! absolutely fantastic job on everything
OH MYGOD i'm so sorry I accidentally deleted your reply to the post I did x_x I already have a song of the week actually!! In the end I just decided to put a chatbox :P
Anyone have any ideas on what I should put on my site's homepage, maybe?? I need to add one more div to balance the sidebars out but I have zero idea what to put in it
macaque 2 days ago

Lyrics or poetry or just general Words you like, maybe?

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zoxie 2 days ago

@macaque OOOOH I like that.... definetly saving that idea

Hey, to anyone seeing this, I would appreciate if you read's most recent blog regarding their financial status. Please spread the word!!!
arandomsite 3 days ago

spread the word cause thats all i can do rn

HEY GUYS I AM BACK!!! i went to austria yesterday and i'm back home :D it was fun
i am so sorry for being kinda inactive i'm trying to focus on my mental health while redoing my site at the same time and that shit is hard x_x
lydwim 1 week ago

Take as long as you need on your health Zoxie <3

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zoxie 1 week ago

@lydwim Thank you so much ♡

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