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Oh, don't worry about it, it only says "If you can speak Scandinavian then don't speak English!!" but it was just that you replied to my initial comment + many Scandinavian-speakers actually want to "only" use English online instead of their own languages and it's annoying when I happen to find those types of people. ; D
1034co 8 years ago

Didn't know you commented here. If you were going to make a message to me, reply to my comment or comment on my page.

Kan du skandinaviska skriv inte på engelska!! : PP Yeah, I also heard that most of the basic HTML I use is phased out or going to be phased out. But so long as it works for now, who cares? Nostalgia is nicer, I think, whether viewing or creating. If or when it breaks, it can be fixed if the owner still cares at that time. Sending a feeling like "Why are you doing this? That's dumb." can make the webmaster feel bad.
1034co 8 years ago

I'm sorry I can't understand you. I speak English only and I used Google Translate to translate your sentence. When I used Google Translate to translate your sentence at me, the sentence didn't make sense; it was too broken. Can you please provide an English translation, please?

Did you know that Flash is losing support to the newly finished HTML5? Flash already lost support in mobile devices. HTML5 did not. That's why I complain about Flash. Support reasons.
akaki-h 8 years ago

HTML5 is still extremely new, many devices can't even run it (though some of those same devices can't run Flash either).

jag älskar din sajt!!! Wired-musiken är helt perfekt men teksten är lite svårt att läsa. lyssna inte till den som klagar på Flash!!

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