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I think you just healed all the problems with creativity in fashion induced by the fast-pace of social media... You are SO AWESOME!
ita 3 months ago

omg !! this made me happy 。゚(T▿T)゚。 thank you sm 。o○♡ !!! your site looks amazing btw ❥❥❥

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t3nsh1 3 months ago

@ita THANK YOU, that is a huge honor coming from you, your site is basically my favorite on the entire internet right now... I LOVE the articles you did about MILK's history and the 90s' influence from the 60s'. The technological boom post WW2 was massive (I study airplanes, lol), and it was amazing seeing how it tied back to fashion.

ita 3 months ago

@t3nsh1 that's so amazing to hear !! i'm so glad you enjoyed the blog posts o^ ^o keeping a blog is v new to me & i always feel nervous about the posts ☆_@ so i appreciate your words so much ♡ !!

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