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skylestia 2 months ago

i always liked fuchsia better but i thought it looked better to take the accent color from my background image, fuschia is the best color tho

skylestia 2 months ago

also thinking about switching to a more readable font as the default font

skylestia 1 year ago

had to update the link to my guilded server cuz apparently ppl with unverified accounts can join servers via invite links and someone joined my server and friggin spammed it like heck

skylestia 1 year ago

categories on the art page are now collapsed by default which i think makes the page look cleaner. there are still some changes i want to make to it tho, and i might put all the pages where i list links into actual lists instead of grids but idk i haven't decided yet

skylestia 1 year ago

just set up deploy to neocities github action for easier version control 😎 (it is very cool)

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skylestia 1 year ago

this update took almost two months, i rewrote the site from scratch and picked up a new hobby!

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