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1 month ago
retrobun 1 month ago

ok so story im super high and thought the fucking slenderverse page was my god damn journal page for like. 10 minutes. god

im coding on a 2015 acer rn bc our gaming computer died from overwatch u_u
should i add a daily movie trailer to my site. i totally could (i could promote movies i rly like LMAO)
btw to any new followers: im a dumb bitch who only edits my html on neoc so ur gonna see a lot of updates. LMAO
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pizzachild 1 month ago

same tho lmao

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*sets up laptop on top of desktop half closed, plugging keyboard and mouse into it* brand new desktop 4 coding >:)))
its bizarre realizing ppl actually view my site. u_u cant believe we're almost up to 6,500 views
hiiii guys!! pc is giving me trouble. it shut down unexpectedly in the middle of an edit for my dhmis fansite. fingers crossed it stays up and doesn't crash again but im not gonna let a crashing pc stop me from making more fansites >:)))
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retrobun 1 month ago

IT CRASHED AGAIN >:((( but my husband is lettin me use his laptop so. we settle u_u

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