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Hey I read the post on Cloudflare. How is the lack of anonymity harmful? And what sites does Cloudflare putz with? Curious, not argumentative. I'm learning. I was interested in using it as a shop owner online.
Pesach Sameach!
Still love goblin heart tho. Great site. And it's easy to get confused when a group of terrorists are very convincing. I have sympathy.
I got bummed that goblin heart was pushing Palestinian extremism on her page so now I'm trying to educate people via a cat site about what Israel actually is 🤣
Just so you know, Palestinians weren't kicked out due to anything other than being religious extremists. The other Arab, Muslim, Druze, Christian citizens were given immediate and equal citizenship. They just don't want Jews as neighbors and enforce strict Shariah law. It's not an ethnic group, it's a political identity.
Yo I'm so stoked for my page. Pls follah

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