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i... definitely should rethink the aesthetics of this site skfhfjsadhajsk
...sorry for the accidental misfollow ;_;
hello i added a chatbox thing to the site so if you wanna leave a message then please do!! also does anybody know how to make those small button things on their sites? i wanna make one but can't find tutorials... (also do you need to ask permission to have someone else's buttons on your own site? cause if not then let me know if you wanna trade buttons!!) thanks!!
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sira-sira 10 months ago

i made mine using ! it's basically an online photo editing software ^^ just set the canvas to be 88x31 and add pictures + your site name ! you don't rlly need to ask permission for that type of thing, but you could let the person know you're using their button !

sira-sira 10 months ago

lmk when you make yours so i can add it to my site <3

Hi everyone! I know I'm basically a no-one here but it'll be great if you guys would check out these links and help share them around! I can't really explain it well but the Philippine Government is basically speeding up a bill that will allow them to tag those who oppose them as terrorists :)) Thanks and please stay safe!!! #JunkTerrorBill
sira-sira 10 months ago

i am so sorry to hear that the bill has passed... i don't know what this means for the PH but if anything please keep yourself and your loved ones safe. keep fighting if you can

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sira-sira 10 months ago

i really wish i could've done more than sign a petition though, the news media hasn't been informative of this lately over in the US... only now is it getting attention because it was PASSED. i'm so sorry-

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negai 10 months ago

@sira-sira hello and sorry for the late response! anyway, thank you for your support! as an update, it hasn't actually been signed by the president himself, and more people have been withdrawing their 'yes votes' on the bill (like seriously, most of them didn't even read what it contains), so there's still some chance, though it's small... but yeah!

negai 10 months ago

please keep safe too!! i've read some stuff about things over there in the us, and it's just awful how things have escalated, especially with what the government has been doing... keep fighting, and i hope that justice is served soon

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