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Ohh sorry I spoke in Spanish, I misunderstood and I thought you lived in Chile for some weird reason lmao but I read more carefully and fully understood heh. It's wild I know!! If you ever need help with Spanish or any Chilean thing (?) lol just make me know :) Will be glad to be helpful!
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sugarangel 1 year ago

its ok!! thank u!

Espera... Eres chilenx?! Qué coincidencia! Yo también! omg
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sugarangel 1 year ago

unfortunately i dont know that much spanish bc im still learning, but its nice to meet ppl who are also chilean!! first time actually on here or. anywhere tbh ghdhjd

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Hi beautiful person! Thank you Soooo much for the follow! I feel sooo honored such a BEAUTIFUL website is followiing me ;-; I have to be honest, it's the prettiest site I've seen in Neocities by far! Keep the good job! Thanks again and I hope you have an excellent day and a beautiful life :)
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sugarangel 1 year ago

omgomgomg thank u sm!! this means a lot to me!! i hope u have a good day too!!! <<33

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*gasp* You have an oekaki!! OMG I'm So excited! Your website is beautiful :3 I'm new to neocities, came for the nostalgy and I'm just roaming around. I will register to your Oekaki!
cinni 1 year ago

thank you so much!! ^-^ i hope you enjoy the oekaki!! i was super stoked to finally get one up and running

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