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N3W 4LlY 0N 73h D0wNL0w!1!! r0X0R5 Ur 50x0R5.I.50NY h4x0Red.0d4y. 0u7k457 - Hey y4! (EX7EndEd veR5I0N).mp3 L00K 0n 73h 5173!
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wh@'Z UP 4lL j00 r0ckiN9 d00dZ? I 9072 4ll j00r W4R32 4nD PHr33W4r32 H3r3! k0m3 CH3ck i7 0U7!1! 0h Y34h, Y'4Ll 83773r W47CH 0u7 PH0r j0pP1354u2 h3 83 4 n4Rq!!1!
billsworld 2 years ago

I got a virus and the FBI on my tail downloading your filthy warez you jerk!

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l33cheasy 2 years ago

pHux0r j00 l00z0r!11 My 5h17Z r0x0rZ!1!

billsworld 2 years ago

Now the police are coming! You bastard!

l33cheasy 2 years ago

HaHAha!!!11!! L0l L0053r!!1!1!

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