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YOUR SITE. (affectionate). IT'S SO FUN!!!! this is probably such a specific thing to focus on but under your likes you mentioned hearing yourself blink which is so crazy because me too but people always think that's weird to say
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bomsoup 8 months ago

tysm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! new friend :)

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Thank you so much for the follow, I love your site!
gutz-nd-teeth 8 months ago

of course, thanks for the follow back!! there's so much on your site it's so fun, and i looooove your fursona so much, i haven't seen many meerkats so that's very cool to me :D

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HELLLOOO your site is so cute :D!! also kpop and onlyoneof liker!! i do not see many neocities owners who like kpop in my travels so that is very awesome and exciting to me :•)
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jorts 8 months ago

ahh thank you!! i also don't really see a lot of other kpop likers on here so i'm always happy to see other ppl with kpop on their sites. i really like your kpop shrine!! i gave u a follow and im gnna add your button to my site next time i update it if u dont mind :3

NIGHTBREED AND HELLSING AND RESIDENT EVIL ENJOYER!!!!!!! i signed your guest book but i also wanted to comment here cuz your site is so so cool :DD and it messed up my lil clown face smiley on the guest book but i can put a normal one here >:•)
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wangobangy 8 months ago

YAY! Thank you so much! I followed back. Your site looks great. I'll link your page the next time I update :}

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yoooo thanks for the follow!! i looove the way your site is layed out it's soooo cute :D
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amihan 8 months ago

No problem :DD And thank you so much <33

yooo thanks for the follow! i looove exploring your site, there's so much cool stuff to look at :•)
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dann 8 months ago

Appreciate it. I have a ton more to add


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