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seeing these old videos with only old comments make me feel like an archeologist
burhfart 10 months ago also a bunch of comments here saying that this is interesting (and nathaniel bandy i guess)

burhfart 10 months ago

theyre saying the games concept is interesting not the comments

megalo strike back is so good mang
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i need that futurama foreskin
elon hates dinos lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo
really want to become a programmer to make a software that converts audio files to cd (.bin and .cue) files so that vib ribbon fans dont suffer with adware
graybox 10 months ago

it exists, its called audacity and is the most used audio manipulation software in the world. plus, its open-source and free.

burhfart 10 months ago

can audacity convert into cd audio files?

burhfart 10 months ago

i cant. guess i should have been more specific.

burhfart 10 months ago

extra step:use the "play all tracks" version if your track is one, thats what i did

burhfart 10 months ago

optional if you know about .cue files

BREAKING NEWS:Recently, we asked Elon Musk why he wont do good changes to Twitter/X. He repiled with "!!"

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