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btw i figured ou t how to do lace borders i feel unstopable
follow PSYCHONAUTS!!!!!!!!!!!! MY BESTFIRNED LUCIFER MANDY DOVEY WOVEY ARMA YOUNG is the sillyest of gooses..the most weirdoest of freaks
psychonauts 1 year ago

THIS IS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS ME HI!!!!!!!!! FOLLOW ME!!!!!!!!

sorry for miniblogging but i showed my sister my neocities last night and she might make her own im very excited! ill try to work on the htings i promised but i mostly want to set up a mutual button thingy and also fix the font btw! do you guys like the font idk how to feel about it i cant use my online html editor to fix the font with so its gonna be alot of trial and error! anyways cya
billylenz 1 year ago

btw i hope to upload all the pixels and images i use by tonight! since rn im using links and its easy but its not that reliable yk. im so hyped to make my all tomorrows shrine !!

nyaa 1 year ago

i like the font!!!!! :-) i think it matches really well as a cute but kind of robot vibes like the rest of ur page x-)

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well i thikn im gonna stop coding for the night ive coded so much neocities is lagging whenever i update !!! anyways ill try to fix the font tmw but if it doesnt work im just gonna go back to normal! tmw ill work on the about me and mutual buttons and i might try to code during school! welcome new mutuals byebye !! <3<3<3 much love - billy
i am going to try to do a custom font so if you see alot of updates dont worry im just font testing ^_^
billylenz 1 year ago

IT WORKED!!!!! THE THING IS its kind of ugly now....i need to fix it up BUT YAY!!!!!!!

btw sorry for following so many people!!!!!! im finally gonna be active on here so i want to follow alot before i forget! ^__^
btw im gonna fix the weird symbols soon i use onlinehtmleditor to do most of my stuff so thats why the symbols r weird! heres some things i am going to do soon though! add about me, start shrines, fix symbols, more persona art, get a cooler looking music player, try to figure out how to do like lace borders ^__^, and make a cooler button! also welcome new mutuals waves!!!!! bye bye ^_^
new theme! yippeee! i finished the homepage i need to do some links but look at all of this progress! i hope you guys are proud

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